WVU School of Interior Design Students Visits Kimball

WVU School of Interior Design Students and Omega Commercial Interiors at Kimball Office in Jasper, Indiana

WVU School of Interior Design Students Visits Kimball

by Judy Crihfield |January 12, 2019 | Blogs, Designers

Design Students Visited the Headquarters of Kimball® Office in Jasper, Indiana

September 12, 2018, WVU School of Interior Design students visited the headquarters of Kimball® Office in Jasper, Indiana. Design students saw first hand Kimball® Corporate Office, their manufacturing processes, quality control and testing procedures. Experiencing Kimball’s culture, a premier office furniture manufacturer of the United States, enlightens the School of Interior Design students and is irreplaceable. Through Omega’s partnership with the WVU School of Interior Design, the trip participants were involved and received exposure to formal speakers, live projects, and complicated processes. This is just another way that Omega Commercial Interiors is giving back to their community.

On the Agenda – Kimball® Salem Manufacturing Facility
  • West Virginia University
  • Omega Commercial Interiors
  • Kimball Sales
Bill Plyer/ Visiting Assistant Professor
Lee Mulett / Visiting Assistant Professor of Interior Design
  • Jessica Balash
  • Sarabeth Benusa
  • Mackenzie Bouch
  • Darian Dickson
  • Lindsey Graudin
  • Kasey Helmick
  • Angelena Kayafas
  • Audrey Tolbert
  • Kristin Walsh
  • Erica Wolf
  • Megan Slavich
  • Evan Robinson
  • Samantha McIntire
  • Allissa Link
Omega Commercial Interiors:
David McCormick / President
Peggy Lovio / Vice President
Rebecca Williams / Market Sales Manager
Stan Wendholt / Region Manager
Audra Stenftenagel / Guest Relations Coordinator
Jerry Schaefer / Transportation Host

Omega Commercial Interiors was nominated as a finalist for Dealer of the Year by Kimball® for 2018. Omega Commercial Interiors is a Select Dealer for Kimball®. Kimball® represents over half of Omega Commercial Interiors’ sales because of their quality product. They are a leader in the furniture industry and a company that has established a valuable reputation in the Interior Design field. David McCormick and Peggy Lovio both agree that it is an invaluable experience for the WVU School of Interior Design students.

For more information about our interior designers, visit our staff page. Through Omega’s partnership with WVU School of Interior Design, Omega has worked with interns and hired from West Virginia University since they opened.

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