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Omega Commercial Interiors serves various segments of business and industry including healthcare, hospitality, automobile dealerships, banking, legal, general commercial offices and home office furniture.

Keeping Our Community Safe While We Remain Open

To assist our community and small business owners in maintaining a healthy environment while researchers work to find a vaccination for COVID-19, we have reached out to our partners to make an extended effort to make sure every business has an opportunity to buy personal protective equipment.

With the furniture industry’s familiarity to dividers and panels, Omega Commercial Interiors has partnered with traditional and nontraditional manufacturers around the region, to help business owners adapt their workplaces to increase safety and reduce health risks of employees and customers. To limit the spread of coronavirus, shields and dividers are recommended by researchers and doctors. Omega sells extenders with different mounting options for workstations and cubicles, room and corner dividers, health guards for conference tables, task tables and counters, and face shields.

Task Chair and Height Adjustable Desk

Home Office Bundle

Home Office Bundle

Task Chair and Height Adjustable Desk

Ships Direct and Easy to Assemble

Freestanding Acrylic Health Guard

Freestanding Acrylic Health Guard

Full Visibility

Free Standing Health Guard

This Health Guard is adaptable for all spaces. It's lightweight, easy to maneuver, easy to sanitize and has a dry erase surface.

Standard size is 30" x 30" x 1/4". Custom sizes are available upon request.

Adjustable PPE

Face Shield

A non-traditional manufacturer of medical equipment produced these face shields to decrease personal protective equipment shortages related to COVID-19.

Designed to lessen the transmission of person to person airborne particles, the shield is recommended for workers who continually deal with the public and are involved in exchanges with others.

Transparent Face Shield

Transparent Face Shield

Acrylic Room Dividers made for the protection from spread of the coronavirus.

Acrylic Room Dividers

OPTIX® Clear Acrylic

Mobile Room Dividers

Provide division to your space, without limiting your vision. Optix® dividers are portable and mobile.

Standard height is 6' 2". One panel divider is 3' 4" wide and 3/16" thick. The frame is a sturdy aluminum with reinforced leg assembly and lockable end casters.

Collaborative Space

Health Guards

Maintain a healthy environment in dining areas, conference spaces and open office areas.

Designed to fit a variety of table shapes, table sizes and may be divided for each seat.

Collaborative Space Health Guards for protection of the spread of coronavirus.

Clear Cast Acrylic Health Guards

Frosted Acrylic Extender Panels

Frosted Acrylic Extender Panels

Acrylic or Acoustic

Cubicle Extender Panels

Available in a wide range of widths and three different heights, extender panels may be purchased in acrylic or fabric acoustic.

With different mounting options to choose from, these can be seamlessly incorporated into a current workstation or cubicle system.

Corrugated Frame with Acrylic Shield

New Lightweight Screens

Available in a three different sizes- 20" x 20", 20" x 24" and 23" x 24"

The Rigid Protective Film Barrier is surrounded by corrugated materials.

Foldable Carry Lightweight Screen

Foldable Lightweight Screen


Space Planning

Space Planning

Maximizing Square Footage
Interior Design

Interior Design

Functional Beautiful Places
Move Management

Move Management

Organization Specialists


Professional Finishes
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Product Spotlight

ETC. On Trend Workplace Furniture by Kimball & National.

Who says you can’t have it all? The way we see it, the world’s best styles shouldn’t come at the expense of spectacular service. Etc.™ bridges the gap so you can have your cake and eat it too. Or rather, have your statement piece and breeze through the ordering process too. We’re not great with metaphors.

ETC™ Holden - Available in 3 designs

ETC™ Bernadette Bean Bag - Available in Cali or Bliss fabrics

ETC™ Tolliver Lounge Chair - Available in 2 colors

Award Winning. See for yourself

Client Reviews

Tony Caridi

We presented Omega with an interesting challenge. We needed a corporate feel for our first floor and a retro-industrial style on our second floor. Peggy and the crew did a great job of successfully giving us the look and feel we desired. Installation went very smoothly. We had a great experience.

Tony Caridi
Tony Caridi
Deena Toth, PRIDE Community Services, Inc.

PRIDE Community Services, Inc. recently had the pleasure of working with Omega Commercial Interiors. At a crucial time for our agency to prepare for opening our centers during COVID, Tamerra was knowledgeable about the products and helped us determine what would best suit our agency. We also had a pleasant experience with the installers, who were professional and efficient in their process of setting up and placing items where needed.

Deena Toth, PRIDE Community Services, Inc.
Deena Toth, PRIDE Community Services, Inc.
Alexis Behrens, Mills Group LLC

As a professional in the design industry for 30 years, I have worked with many designers and furniture dealers. Renee Lipscomb and Omega Commercial Interiors have been my first call when I need design support, furniture needs, or a creative solution for an unusual problem. My questions are answered with professionalism mixed with and a little bit of fun. Renee isn’t just a designer or furniture salesperson, she is a member of the team.

Alexis Behrens, Mills Group LLC
Alexis Behrens, Mills Group LLC
News & Blog

Omega Commercial Interiors Sales Representative, Billy Smerka Jr.
Billy Smerka Jr.
We Welcome Our New Morgantown Sales Representative

Born and raised in Morgantown, WV and an alumnus of West Virginia University, Billy is equipped with 10 years of experience in sales and customer relations. Billy also holds a Master's degree from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY. Small town values and care for local communities are the driving forces behind his focus on client needs, no matter the scale or scope of a project.

Kimball® Silver and Triumph Awards- 2019 to Omega Commercial Interiors

Omega Receives Awards for Furniture Sales in 2019

Omega Commercial Interiors has been a select dealer with Kimball® since 2015. In 2018, Omega was recognized as a Silver Award Recipient for exceeding 3 million dollars of Kimball® Furniture Sales and also the Triumph Award as the 3rd highest Kimball® Market Share in the United States. Kimball® again recognizes them for the Silver and Triumph Awards in 2019.

by Judy Crihfield / Mar 13, 2020 / 0
Nate & Natty™ Conference Chair with Arms and Swivel Base and Side Chair with Arms

New Conference and Side Chairs

Kimball’s® Nate & Natty™ lean toward residential design to meet the demands of a reducing footprint in business real estate successfully accomplishing an adaptable space that balances comfort with work.

by Judy Crihfield / Mar 6, 2020 / 0
IOA Examination Chair

IOA Exam Chair – December’s Product Spotlight

Exam chairs that are effective at supporting conversation and the exchange of ideas has become more critical to care environments where patients find themselves in clinics mostly to discuss preventative and longitudinal care. Images of America’s (IOA) exam chair is all about this connection, encouraging patient partnership with their care giver.

by Judy Crihfield / Dec 11, 2019 / 0
Niles Conference Chair by Kimball

“Because of its Modern Design, We Chose Niles™ from Kimball®”

Our product spotlight for November just had to be the Niles™ Conference Chair from Kimball®. Because of its modern design and functionality, the chair really takes a front seat to any of its kind. It has an elegant profile on both conference and side chairs.

by Judy Crihfield / Nov 2, 2019 / 0

Dealer Incentive Tour of Iceland

Through Kimball’s Sales Management Incentive Program, Omega Commercial Interiors earned a 5-night trip to Reykjavik, Iceland. David Mccormick, Peggy Schifano Lovio and their spouses stayed at the Hilton in Reykjavik August 1st through the 5th. Just off the coast of Iceland, Reykjavik is the capital and largest city in Iceland. The trip included a city tour, a jeep excursion through Thorsmark Valley, dinner at Fjorubordid Restaurant, Lava tunnels, the Blue Lagoon and a Golden Circle Tour.

by Judy Crihfield / Aug 26, 2019 / 0

Charleston DEA

Drug Enforcement Administration, Charleston, WV

by Judy Crihfield / Aug 21, 2019 / 0
Omega Commercial Interiors in Charleston, West Virginia.

Omega Announces a New Location in Charleston, WV

On July 14th, Morgantown based Omega Commercial Interiors announced a new location in Charleston, West Virginia at 1210 Smith Street. Omega Commercial Interiors was founded and is owned by David Mccormick, Jr. and Peggy Schifano Lovio. Omega does business in commercial office furniture across West Virginia and in nine other states. Omega has over 60 […]

by Judy Crihfield / Jul 29, 2019 / 0
Mike Wagner (President of Kimball), Kristi Juster (Chief Executive Officer of Kimball), David McCormick (Owner/President of Omega Commercial Interiors), Peggy Schifano Lovio (Co-Owner/Vice President of Omega Commercial Interiors), Greg Richards (Director of Distribution for Kimball) and Don Van Winkle (Chief Operating Officer for Kimball) at Kimball Select Dealer Meeting- American Airlines Arena, Miami

Select Dealer Receives National Award

January 21-23, 2019, Kimball’s Annual Select Dealer Meeting was held at the American Airlines Arena, home of the NBA Miama Heat.

by Judy Crihfield / Jan 28, 2019 / 1

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