How Seating and Furniture Can Enhance Education and Learning

How Seating and Furniture Can Enhance Education and Learning

by site_administrator |August 16, 2016 | Blogs, Commercial Furniture

Did you know the right furniture has the ability to enhance education and learning? The right desks, chairs and furniture can make a positive difference in stimulating and developing a learning environment. At Omega Commercial Interiors, we are listening to the needs of educators and offices by providing furniture solutions from superior brands. Here’s how the right type of seating and furniture can positively impact your learning environment.


Seating Made For Learning

Traditional seating that we have seen for the past 100 years includes rows of desks and chairs where a student sits throughout the entire day. Teaching methods have advanced and we now know that educators can benefit from arranging desks for group discussions, lectures and team projects. It’s in the best interest for both educators and students to reconfigure seating that induces learning and ensures the same students do not always sit in the back of the room. Hon has created SmartLink Seating options with contoured design that allows students to easily move, turn around, sit sideways, lean back and stay comfortable for long periods of time.


Increase Efficiency With Standing Desks

Not only can standing desks burn calories, but they can also improve learning. Standing desks help people concentrate because it changes the traditional environment and allows people to move their bodies throughout the day. Studies show that students were more engaged in activity permissive learning environments than in traditional seated environments. National Office Furniture offers a range of workstation options including desks that are perfect for standing.


Utilize Moveable Workstations

Moveable workstations help maximize space and budgets. Utilizing the latest technology can divide learning environments and allow information to be easily shared between groups. For example, educators can benefit from the Xsede Media Cart from Kimball Learning because it has a marker board on one side and monitor on the other side that makes it easy to collaborate and share information in classroom settings.


Located in Morgantown, Omega Commercial Interiors offers a large variety of commercial furniture for the office and classroom. From seating to demountable walls, we are ready to help you create a solution for your needs. Stop into our showroom to browse our selection or visit our website for more information!

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