Applications of Corporate Branding Strategies to Commercial Interior Design

New Freedom KIA Lounge Area design by Peggy Lovio of Omega Commercial Interiors.

Applications of Corporate Branding Strategies to Commercial Interior Design

by David McCormick |December 5, 2017 | Blogs, Commercial Furniture, Corporate, Designers

Does your corporate space match your branding strategy?

The growth of your company has implemented certain corporate branding strategies that need to be reinforced. It’s now time for change in your company’s environment that further reflects your branding strategies. There are ways to apply applications of corporate branding strategies to commercial interior design. A branded environment transforms corporate spaces into a three-dimensional embodiment of its brand. The space itself has the power to reinforce a company’s position, communicating to its employees and clients its identity.

Integrating a Branding Strategy

New Freedom KIA's Internet Cafe and Media Center designed by Peggy Lovio of Omega Commercial Interiors

New Freedom KIA’s Internet Cafe and Media Center

By incorporating a branding strategy into your design, the environment will exemplify your company’s vision, mission and values to your employees, clients and business associates. Certain components such as the layout, finishing materials, lighting, environmental graphics, signage, furniture and architectural elements can be changed to reflect your brand. The idea is to get all these elements to work together to create a physical and sensory relationship with your employees and customers. The branded environment enables people to touch, explore and engage with your brand. It’s an experience beyond advertising and print. Three-dimensional branding has the power to spark human connection, trigger pride and motivation, and create a sense of excitement, engagement and ownership.

“Spaces have the potential to communicate the character of a company. As soon as we enter a space, it creates a first impression, and this is something we can harness as part of a marketing strategy. Space becomes a powerful three-dimensional means of communication.”
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Sylvia Leydecker

Your three-dimensional branding strategy might not only revolve around visual cues, but may also encompass an experience. Engaging customers in a personal, memorable way motivates them to return and also to share their experience with others.

New Freedom KIA's Charging Station designed by Peggy Lovio of Omega Commercial Interiors

New Freedom KIA’s Charging Station

What are the benefits?

A branded design generally results in higher employee retention rates, increased productivity, and a better understanding of your organization’s mission, vision and values. With a branding strategy applied, your company becomes differentiated from the competitors’, leading to customers perceiving a higher value in your product versus your competitors’.

Initializing the Commercial Interior Design Process

Applications of corporate branding strategies to commercial interior designs are successfully accomplished by having a professional interior designer lead the team. Experienced designers, like Peggy Lovio of Omega Commercial Interiors, will have the qualifications and portfolio to demonstrate accomplishment. As a seasoned professional, she can ask the right questions, knows how to best organize your space, works within your budget and knows how to source the proper materials and contractors.

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