What To Know About Open Plan Offices

What To Know About Open Plan Offices

by site_administrator |March 16, 2017 | Blogs

An open plan is great for offices full of employees who work together on a daily basis. There are no distinct rooms or fully enclosed spaces but rather an exposed floor plan with workstations positioned together. Open floor plans in work settings can improve interaction and team building among workers. Here are a few of the advantages of open floor plans in the office and what products can add the perfect touch for your needs.


Private, Yet Accessible

The less physical barriers, the easier it is for employees to interact with each other. A lack of walls encourages employees to turn to each other for assistance rather than send an email or schedule a meeting. Humanscale has a variety of ergonomically friendly desks that will help your employees sit/stand and enjoy collaborative workstations.


Designed Around You

An open plan makes it easy to create a unique space and informal environment that team members will love. Because you have a large space with little physical limitations, you can find unique furniture and supplies that will transform your space into whatever you need it to be. Kimball Office has a large inventory of desks, tables and chairs that will enhance your space aesthetically and functionally. For examples, check out the new Pairings product line & this unique Bloom Chair.


Power Over Your Space

An open plan will give you more power over heating/cooling, electricity, resources and other expenses. It also provides flexibility in supplying workers with differentiated settings. Create a space with private areas, sit-down areas, stand-up or normal desks. This Guide desk from Kimball Office provides flexible seating and extra work space in an open plan.


Keep Your Options Open

Open floors plans provide options for your needs. Are you looking for increased or decreased privacy? Whatever you decide on, there are furniture and accessory options to transform an open floor plan. For example, Nello Wall Systems provide everything from simple space division to high-performance movable walls. These products are perfect for those seeking sleek glass barriers or durable partition dividers.


At Omega Commercial Interiors, we feature a large variety of office furniture ideal for both open and closed floor plans including Kimball Office, Hon, Humanscale, Wieland and National. Stop into our Morgantown showroom to browse our products or give us a call at (304) 581-6701 for more information.

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