IOA Exam Chair – December’s Product Spotlight

IOA Examination Chair

IOA Exam Chair – December’s Product Spotlight

by David McCormick |December 11, 2019 | Healthcare

Exam chairs that are effective at supporting conversation and the exchange of ideas has become more critical to care environments where patients find themselves in clinics mostly to discuss preventative and longitudinal care. Images of America’s (IOA) exam chair is all about this connection, encouraging patient partnership with their care giver.

The Exam Chair that Supports Patient Partnership

IOA Exam Chair in Waiting Position Consider replacing the typical exam table with an IOA exam chair. Waiting in an exam room is much less stressful and the chair makes the experience comfortable fostering a positive mindset.

Consultation with the Patient in an IOA Exam Chair

Few clinical visits today require a physical exam and more patients are seeking consultation with their care givers. The IOA exam chair allows for constructive dialog and a seamless transition into an examination when needed.

IOA exam chair transitioning from conversation to examination

Sitting, barrier free sitting and recline positions.

Built for Stability, Durability and Safety

This exam chair is capable of supporting a load capacity of 600 lbs and the foot rest supports a 300 lb capacity without tipping or collapsing. With ten years of experience, Images of America has made stability and durability paramount to the safety of their exam chair. This addition to IOA’s collection of exam chairs provides a motorized vertical lift among other phenomenal features.

Design Features

1. Continuous upholstery on foot rest (no gaps)
for comfort, safety and ease of cleaning
2. Composite foam seat with dynamic suspension
system for long term comfort
3. Shielded footrest and lift mechanism for safety
4. Stirrups for examination (optional)
5. Folding arm on either or both sides provide
accessibility to the patient (optional)
6. Central locking system for safety (optional)
7. Paper roll holder (optional)
8. The latest innovations in battery backup


• 650 lb capacity
• Heavy duty mechanism completely
covered by all inclusive 12 year warranty

Environmental Sustainability

• HH Compliant
• Air Quality Certification BIFMA 207.7HI

The Latest in Technology

IOA Exam chair's latest technologies.

Folding arm, central locking system, heated seat, and a paper roll holder.

Loaded with the latest in technology, this exam chair can meet the needs of any facility. Its arm panels can be folded down to provide barrier free access to the patient. It has an all wheel locking system with 3″ double wheel casters. The heated seat and lumbar reduces the need for warming blankets. Massaging actions are optional and available variations are wave, pulsating and vibrating. To help with sanitation, The exam chair has a paper roll holder attached to the back side. The stirrups store in the arm of the recliner. Simply pull out, lift and turn into position to use.

Stirrups on IOA exam chair.

How to pull out the stirrups on the IOA exam chair.

Technical Specification

• Connection of max. 3 actuators with extremely compact design
• Mains voltage: 120AC 50-60 Hz
• Standby consumption: 7W
• Duty cycle: 2/18; 2 minutes continuous use
followed by 18 minutes not in use (10%)
• Output voltage: 24V DC 5Amp 120W
• Ambient temperature: + 10oC to + 40oC
• Protection Class: IPX4
• 3.2 m straight mains cable
• CB9 is approved according to EN60601-1/UL60601-1
• Locking mechanism for cables
• Class 2 protection
• Medical grade plug with green dot and double insulated

Battery, hand and foot controls for the IOA Exam chair.

Backup battery with audible level indicator, hand and foot controls.

The IOA exam chair is Omega’s December product spotlight because it meets safety first, is functional beyond other comparable chairs and has exceeded quality, sustainability and met the demands of the industry. If you are interested in this chair, call our designers at (304)581-6701 in Morgantown, or (304)346-3375 for our Charleston location. For more information see IOA’s brochure.

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