Future-Proof Your Office by Installing an Access Floor System

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Future-Proof Your Office by Installing an Access Floor System

by Judy Crihfield |September 26, 2017 | Architectural Products, Blogs

Installing an access floor system will future-proof your office as changes in data management, furniture renovations and media additions occur. Raised floor systems are a cost-effective solution that provides extended flexibility, adaptability and capacity to modern work environments. The routing system under your floor can help you manage cables for your call center, video systems, security, lighting, computer networks and climate control. Finished floor panels come in a broad range of materials including steel, carpet tile, wood laminate, marble, rubber and vinyl laminate. Unlike traditional raised floors, the newer raised floors are generally made to be fire, static, noise and dust resistant.

The two biggest advantages to access floor systems are:
1) The system keeps cables organized and tucked away preventing trip hazards and increasing general aesthetics of the environment.
2) It provides quick and easy access to power, data, telecom and video cables decreasing maintenance disruption of the work environment. As you can see here, grommets can be easily installed in the floor just like they are in the workstation pictured above.

A popular modular low profile access floor system is the Kiva Cable Floor System. This 2 1/2″ floor is extremely strong with a load bearing capability exceeding 20,000 lbs per sq ft. The nonflammable floor tiles are Portland cement wood fiber composite and guaranteed not to absorb moisture. The sub floor support system, a continuous grid of cylinders on 6″ centers, is a polypropylene construction. Each cylinder can withstand a 5000lb. load. Unlike metallic access floors, this non-metallic system does not require any additional expense for bonding and grounding.

“With KIVA, spaces are limited only by your imagination… not the length of your power cord.” –KIVA

Kiva Flex from Kiva Flex on Vimeo.

Make a space user-friendly and adaptable. Future-proof your office by considering an access floor system. Call to schedule a consultation with one of our designers at Omega Commercial Interiors to learn more about this product.

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