What To Know About Open Plan Offices

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An open plan is great for offices full of employees who work together on a daily basis. There are no distinct rooms or fully enclosed spaces but rather an exposed floor plan with workstations positioned together. Open floor plans in work settings can improve interaction and team building among workers. Here are a few of the advantages of open floor plans in the office and what products can add the perfect touch for your needs.

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How Seating and Furniture Can Enhance Education and Learning

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Did you know the right furniture has the ability to enhance education and learning? The right desks, chairs and furniture can make a positive difference in stimulating and developing a learning environment. At Omega Commercial Interiors, we are listening to the needs of educators and offices by providing furniture solutions from superior brands. Here’s how the right type of seating and furniture can positively impact your learning environment.

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Omega Commercial Interiors Named Select Dealer of Kimball Office

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Kimball Office is a full-facility provider dedicated to providing quality office solutions. Recently, Omega Commercial Interiors was awarded a Select Dealer status from Kimball Office. Being a Select Dealer is the highest level of partnership between a dealership and Kimball Office. This dealership represents Kimball Office as their leading product, insuring customers of the highest level of service and demonstrating exceptional value by integrating the vast array of products from the Kimball Office brand.

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